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A Heartwarming Story of New Beginnings

Often, when I am out in public autographing my environmentally friendly children’s book, Baby Lauren and Theodore, I am touched by the special circumstances of my patrons. One such story involves a woman I’ll call Brenda, who is married to a man named Steve.

Brenda and Steve wanted to be parents in the worst way, but since she had been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus type 1, it was difficult for her to conceive. Eventually Brenda did become pregnant and happily discovered that she was expecting a male child.  Unfortunately, their joy was cut short when Brenda suffered complications with her pregnancy close to the birth date and her baby boy did not survive.

Heartbroken, Brenda and Steve decided to commemorate the birth and death of their son by planting a tree in their back yard. Watching the tree flourish was comforting to Brenda and provided much needed healing.

When the economy took a downturn, like many other couples, Brenda and Steve fell on hard times and they lost their home to foreclosure. Brenda was devastated by the fact that she would have to leave the tree behind and it was only after great encouragement from her understanding husband that she was able to vacate the residence. She literally had to be physically removed from the home.

Luckily, the new homeowners were sympathetic to Brenda’s plight and allowed her the freedom to visit the tree. Brenda was able to heal and within a few years she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. That child will be celebrating her sixth birthday next month.

A loving friend of Brenda’s relayed the details of her story, pointing out the similarities between my book, Baby Lauren and Theodore, and Brenda’s new beginnings. Furthermore, she can’t wait to give my book to the young girl as a birthday present. I wish I could be a fly on the wall…

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