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Together We Can Make A Difference!

LAEEF posterRecently I had the extreme pleasure of participating in the 36th Annual Los Angeles Environmental Education Fair (LAEEF) “Spring Into Green” event. In short, several thousand families, educators, scouting groups and students from all over the Los Angeles area came to network with local environmental community resources to learn about lifestyle solutions that impact the health of our planet through hands-on workshops and in-booth presentations.

In addition to making my environmentally-friendly children’s book, Baby Lauren and Theodore, available for purchase, I also offered a fun and easy “green” activity. I gave each child a green maple leaf that had been fashioned from recycled paper and asked them to write their first name only on the front of the leaf. I then instructed them to briefly write one way in which they would pledge to help their parents, communities and schools by doing a kid-friendly “green” activity. Their leaf was then added to others on a presentation board (pictured). The theme was, “Together We Will Make A Difference”. The children understood that even though they were only one person, if all of us engaged in one behavior that saved the planet, we would make a major, positive impact.

I was impressed by all the children who took the time to visit me; here are some of their creative responses:

“I will continue to pick up trash to save animals.”


“I will conserve energy and save water.”

“I will not litter.”

“I will eat less meat and compost food scraps.”

“I will make sure I don’t take nature for granted.”

“I will educate children around me about the importance of recycling.”

“I will plant more trees.”

“I will be an intern as a Green Ambassador.”

“I will reuse items to reduce trash.”

“My family tries to use only glass products.”

“I will create an organization to clean up parks and beaches.”

What would you be willing to do to help the environment? Together we can make a difference.

Note: Earth Day is April 22, 2015

Author Deborah Sherrell may be contacted by email at healingtreearts@yahoo.com.

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Is The Publication Date of A Book Really That Important?


Does the publication date of a book matter? Does it make the book more relevant or interesting or even a good read if it was published within the last year or decades ago?

I thought about this concept and decided to explore my own feelings about two children’s books that have always been my favorites—Charlotte’s Web, written in 1952 by E.B. White and Where The Wild Things Are, written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak in 1963. By anyone’s standards, both are vintage,  well-loved, and both were relevant enough to be subsequently adapted into film approximately fifty years later (2006 and 2009, respectively.)

Furthermore, I reasoned that if E.B. White and Maurice Sendak were alive and at a book signing, there is no doubt that I would find myself standing in line for an autographed copy.

While writing my own children’s story, Baby Lauren and Theodore, I had both of the aforementioned books in mind. The tale was inspired by my youngest daughter when she was only three years old and it was developing in my head for over fifteen years.  I finally found the time to sit down and write the story about ten years ago, and published it several years after that. To reiterate, it is a classic tale of friendship, love, loss and renewed hope that is both heartwarming and instructional.

With all that in mind, I have come to the conclusion that some books– like great music and art– are timeless.

So, I ask you, is the publication date of a book really all that important? What are your thoughts?

A little known fact: my neighbor loved Theodore so much that she decorated her house with his tree branches which she kept intact for over fifteen years. She had no idea that I was writing the book and I was unaware that she had saved the tree. After I published Baby Lauren and Theodore, she was kind enough to bring Theodore home for the holidays, saying, “You wrote the book. Here is your tree back.”  We have come full circle under these unusual but wonderful circumstances.

Your questions and comments are encouraged. Author Deborah Sherrell may be reached at healingtreearts@yahoo.com.

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A Heartwarming Story of New Beginnings

Often, when I am out in public autographing my environmentally friendly children’s book, Baby Lauren and Theodore, I am touched by the special circumstances of my patrons. One such story involves a woman I’ll call Brenda, who is married to a man named Steve.

Brenda and Steve wanted to be parents in the worst way, but since she had been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus type 1, it was difficult for her to conceive. Eventually Brenda did become pregnant and happily discovered that she was expecting a male child.  Unfortunately, their joy was cut short when Brenda suffered complications with her pregnancy close to the birth date and her baby boy did not survive.

Heartbroken, Brenda and Steve decided to commemorate the birth and death of their son by planting a tree in their back yard. Watching the tree flourish was comforting to Brenda and provided much needed healing.

When the economy took a downturn, like many other couples, Brenda and Steve fell on hard times and they lost their home to foreclosure. Brenda was devastated by the fact that she would have to leave the tree behind and it was only after great encouragement from her understanding husband that she was able to vacate the residence. She literally had to be physically removed from the home.

Luckily, the new homeowners were sympathetic to Brenda’s plight and allowed her the freedom to visit the tree. Brenda was able to heal and within a few years she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. That child will be celebrating her sixth birthday next month.

A loving friend of Brenda’s relayed the details of her story, pointing out the similarities between my book, Baby Lauren and Theodore, and Brenda’s new beginnings. Furthermore, she can’t wait to give my book to the young girl as a birthday present. I wish I could be a fly on the wall…

Your comments and questions are welcomed. Author Deborah Sherrell may be reached at healingtreearts@yahoo.com.

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Book Donation to a Worthy Organization!

Welcome to my first blog post!

I would like to thank all of the generous and caring individuals who purchased a copy of my environmentally-friendly children’s book, Baby Lauren and Theodore, for donation to a worthy charitable organization. These same individuals could have easily walked past my table and said with a laugh, “I don’t have any kids!” Instead, they chose to make a difference in another child’s life–a small person they may never meet. I honor them!

Earlier this year twelve books were donated to families of the Wounded Warrior Project–specifically the Fisher House, which is a rehabilitation center for some of the most severely disabled veterans. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when the children sat on the couch reading the copies of my book. Their parents were touched by the generosity of people who didn’t even know them, and since they are trying to create a semblance of a “normal” life for their children, moments like this are cherished. I was happy to be a small part of that, albeit in spirit.

Other notable donations included a copy given to a homeless shelter, a pregnancy crisis center, the “green” Journey School in Aliso Viejo, CA, and most recently–Laura’s House. Laura’s House aids women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

So, if you see me out in public with my book, and you don’t have a child of your own, why not consider putting a smile on another child’s face? The organizations above are willing to provide a tax deductible receipt, but if privacy is an issue, we can accommodate anonymous contributions as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post!

Author Deborah Sherrell may be reached at healingtreearts@yahoo.com. Comments and questions are welcome.